Progress in Sorabji editing, performing and recording

This page is intended as a list of what has already been achieved, and what remains to be done. It is compiled automatically from the database, and at present, partially edited, performed or recorded works are not included. Incomplete pieces are assigned 0 for the number of pages, even if partial or completed editions are available, with the exception of the Transcendental Studies, which are marked as Performed as well as Recorded, although there still remain a number to be performed.

Piece Pages   Edited   Performed   Recorded
KSS15 Chaleur — Poème323232 
KSS30 Symphony for piano, large orchestra, chorus and organ300   
KSS34 Opusculum3636  
KSS72 Symphony Jāmī824   
KSS84 Messa Alta Sinfonica10011001  
Remaining 112421612193
Piano and Orchestra     
KSS6 Piano Concerto No. 1177   
KSS14 Piano Concerto No. 20   
KSS16 Piano Concerto No. 3100   
KSS18 Piano Concerto No. 4100   
KSS27 Piano Concerto No. 5144144144 
KSS32 Piano Concerto No. 6144144  
KSS38 Piano Concerto No. 7 Sīmurgh-‘Anqā100100  
KSS45 Piano Concerto No. 8344   
KSS78 Symphonic variations for piano and orchestra540540  
KSS80 Opus clavisymphonicum333   
KSS94 Opusculum clavisymphonicum334   
Remaining 138821722316
Voice(s) and Orchestra     
KSS22 Music to The Rider by Night00  
KSS36 Cinque Sonetti di Michelagniolo Buonarroti404040 
Remaining 0040
KSS82 Suggested Bell-Chorale for St Luke’s Carillon111 
Remaining 001
KSS39 Organ Symphony No. 181818181
KSS53 Organ Symphony No. 2350350350 
KSS73 Organ Symphony No. 3305305  
Remaining 0305655
Voice and Organ     
KSS91 Benedizione di San Francesco d’Assisi222 
Remaining 002
Voice and Piano     
KSS1 The Poplars4444
KSS2 Chrysilla4444
KSS3 Roses du soir4444
KSS4 L’heure exquise2222
KSS5 Vocalise pour soprano fioriturata4444
KSS7 Apparition5555
KSS8 Hymne à Aphrodite7777
KSS10 L’étang2222
KSS11 I was not sorrowful3333
KSS11a Le mauvais jardinier00  
KSS21 Trois poèmes pour chant et piano9999
KSS24 Arabesque2222
KSS37 Trois fêtes galantes de Verlaine11111111
KSS42 Trois Poèmes du Gulistān de Sa‘dī 161616 
KSS44 L’irrémédiable8888
KSS52 Vocalise Movement999 
KSS65 Trois Poèmes13131313
KSS88 Frammento cantato111 
Remaining 0026
Chamber Ensemble     
KSS26 Piano Quintet No. 1727272 
KSS54 Piano Quintet No. 2432432  
KSS89 Concertino non grosso for 4 violins, viola, cello and piano4848  
KSS99 Il tessuto d’arabeschi for flute and string quartet323232 
KSS103 Fantasiettina atematica for oboe, flute and clarinet222 
Remaining 0480586
KSS9 Piano Sonata (unnumbered)30303030
KSS12 Quasi Habanera6666
KSS13 Désir Eperdu111 
KSS17 Two Piano Pieces20202020
KSS19 Fantaisie Espagnole27272727
KSS20 Piano Sonata No. 142424242
KSS25 Prelude, Interlude and Fugue18181818
KSS28 Piano Sonata No. 249494949
KSS29 Piano Sonata No. 3767676 
KSS31 Three Pastiches for piano17171717
KSS33 Rapsodie Espagnole1515  
KSS35 Le Jardin Parfumé16161616
KSS40 Valse-Fantaisie (Hommage à Johann Strauss)16161616
KSS41 Variazioni e fuga triplice sopra Dies iræ per pianoforte201   
KSS41a Fragment (Prelude and Fugue)333 
KSS43 Fragment4444
KSS46 Toccata No. 166666666
KSS47 Nocturne: Djâmi28282828
KSS48 Piano Sonata No. 4111111111111
KSS48a Passacaglia00  
KSS49 Toccatinetta sopra C.G.F.8888
KSS50 Opus Clavicembalisticum260260260260
KSS51 Piano Symphony no. 0333333  
KSS55 Fantasia Ispanica54545454
KSS56 Pasticcio Capriccioso (Valse in D flat major, op.64/1 [Chopin])8888
KSS57 Toccata Seconda111111111111
KSS58 Piano Sonata No. 5 Opus Archimagicum336336  
KSS59 Symphonic Variations484484  
KSS60 Piano Symphony No. 1 Tāntrik284284  
KSS61 Chromatic Fantasia (J.S.Bach) (transcription with another Bach fugue)15151515
KSS62 Quaere Reliqua Hujus Materiei Inter Secretiora16161616
KSS63 Gulistān28282828
KSS64 St Bertrand de Comminges16161616
KSS66 100 Transcendental Studies456456456456
KSS67 Rapsodie Espagnole26262626
KSS68 Prelude in E flat444 
KSS69 Concerto per suonare da me solo70707070
KSS70 Schlußszene aus Salome von Richard Strauss252525 
KSS71 Sequentia cyclica super Dies iræ335335335335
KSS74 Un nido di scatole26262626
KSS75 Piano Symphony No. 2248   
KSS76 Toccata Terza91919191
KSS77 Passeggiata Veneziana24242424
KSS79 Rosario d’Arabeschi45454545
KSS81 Piano Symphony No. 3144144  
KSS83 Fantasiettina sul nome illustre dell’egregio poeta Christopher Grieve ossia Hugh M’Diarmid10101010
KSS85 Piano Symphony No. 4242242242 
KSS86 20 Frammenti Aforistici999 
KSS87 Toccata Quarta149   
KSS90 104 Frammenti Aforistici (Sutras)373737 
KSS92 Piano Symphony No. 5 Symphonia Brevis120120120120
KSS93 Variazione Maliziosa e Perversa sopra La Morte d'Åse da Grieg2222
KSS95 Piano Symphony No. 6 Symphonia Claviensis270270270 
KSS96 4 Frammenti Aforistici111 
KSS97 Symphonic Nocturne113113113113
KSS98 Il grido del gallino d’oro939393 
KSS100 Villa Tasca47474747
KSS101 Opus secretum484848 
KSS102 Passeggiata variata333 
KSS104 2 sutras sul nome dell’amico Alexis1111
KSS105 Passeggiata arlecchinesca16161616
Remaining 59821943006
REMAINING 311073128825