KSS12 Quasi Habanera

Piece details

  • Written for: Piano
  • Date composed: 1917
  • Dedicatee: Norman Peterkin
  • Approximate duration (minutes): 3
  • Manuscript pages: 6
  • Manuscript location: Private collection
  • Comments: Called op.8 by the composer. Note that the “first performance” of this piece was actually a radio broadcast of a studio recording.

Editions available from the Sorabji Archive

  • Critical edition (Marc-André Roberge), A4P. 27 pages.
    Price: £15 (paper), £10 (pdf)
    Right-click to download high resolution sample page: PDF PNG
  • Manuscript, A3P. 6 pages.
    Price: £15 (paper), £10 (pdf)
    Right-click to download high resolution sample page: PDF PNG


  • Michael Habermann (piano),
    BIS Records BIS-CD-1306 (2003)
    Track 12 (4:59)


  • 21/03/1998 Michael Habermann (piano)
    Amorinasalen Bibliotekshuset, Sollentuna Centrum, Stockholm, Sweden
    Franz Liszt Festival &msdash; Amorina Recitals 1998
  • 26/06/1998 Michael Habermann (piano)
    Leakin Hall, Peabody Conservatory of Music, Baltimore MD, USA
  • 16/04/2000 Michael Habermann (piano)
    Purchase College, New York NY, USA
    Virtuoso Series
  • 19/11/2001 Michael Habermann (piano)
    West Shore Unitarian Church, Rocky River OH, USA
    Rocky River Chamber Music Society
  • 21/04/2002 Michael Habermann (piano)
    St Dominic’s Church, Baltimore MD, USA
  • 05/05/2002 Michael Habermann (piano)
    Harmony Hall, Livingston Road, Fort Washington MD, USA
  • 12/04/2011 Kent Conrad (piano)
    Memorial Room, Smith Music Hall, University of Illinois , Urbana, IL, USA
    Doctoral recital
  • 28/10/2012 Florian Steininger (piano)
    Geschlossende Gesellschaft, Zipfen, Germany
  • 11/11/2012 Florian Steininger (piano)
    St.Marien, Gaggenau, Germany
  • 19/10/2016 Wigbert Traxler (piano)
    Großer Saal, University for Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt-am Main, Germany

Broadcasts etc.

  • 24/02/1989 Geoffrey Douglas Madge (piano)
    NOS (Nederlandse Omroeprogramma Stichting), Hilversum, Netherlands [broadcast]
  • 14/08/2007 Michael Habermann (piano)
    BBC Radio 3, London, UK [broadcast of recording]