KSS37 Trois fêtes galantes de Verlaine

Piece details

  • Written for: Voice and Piano
  • Date composed: 1924?
  • Dedicatee: Madelaine Mathilde Sorabji
  • Approximate duration (minutes): 8
  • Manuscript pages: 11
  • Manuscript location: Unknown
  • Comments: Published (J.Curwen and Sons Ltd., 1924). The three pieces are:
    • L’allée;
    • à la Promenade;
    • Dans la Grotte.
    All texts by Verlaine.

Editions available from the Sorabji Archive

  • Copy of publication, A4P. 11 pages.
    Price: £15 (paper), £10 (pdf)
    Right-click to download high resolution sample page: PDF PNG


  • Elizabeth Farnum (soprano), Margaret Kampmeier (piano),
    Centaur Records CRC2613 (2002)
    Track 16-18 (7:43)
    Track 16 L'allée (2:44)
    Track 17 A la promenade (2:57)
    Track 18 Dans la Grotte (2:02)


  • 06/12/1998 Felicity la Fortune (soprano), Christopher Berg (piano)
    Merkin Concert Hall, New York NY, USA
    Abraham Goodman House
  • 19/02/1999 Nathalie de Montmollin (soprano), Axel Bauni (piano)
    Konzertsaal Bundesallee, Hochschule der Künste Berlin, Berlin, Germany
    Das Lied des 20. Jahrhunderts (Liederabend der Interpretationsklasse Axel Bauni)
  • 20/04/1999 Amy Burton (soprano), John Musto (piano) [iii]
    Miller Theater, Columbia University, New York NY, USA
    “Opulent Music” series
  • 03/11/2000 Sarah Leonard (soprano), Stephen Gutman (piano)
    Conway Hall, London, UK
    Planet Tree Festival
  • 24/10/2001 Jacqueline Pischorn (soprano), Alex Szram (piano)
    Southwark Cathedral, London, UK
    Lunchtime concert
  • 14/11/2002 Elizabeth Farnum (soprano), Margaret Kampmeier (piano)
    Merkin Hall, New York NY, USA
  • 10/09/2003 Christoph Metzger (tenor), Simon Bucher (piano)
    Konzertsaal, Hochschule der Künste Bern, Bern, Switzerland
    Bern Biennale
  • 13/02/2004 Sarah Leonard (soprano), Jonathan Powell (piano)
    St Cyprian’s Church, London, UK
  • 12/04/2011 Amy Fuller (soprano), Kent Conrad (piano)
    Memorial Room, Smith Music Hall, University of Illinois , Urbana, IL, USA
    Doctoral recital
  • 23/11/2014 Gina Fergione (mezzo-soprano), Christopher Scobie (piano) [iii]
    Sutton House, Stoke Newington, London, UK
    Stoke Newington Contemporary Music Festival

Broadcasts etc.

  • 03/06/1979 Jane Manning (soprano), Yonty Solomon (piano)
    BBC Radio 3, London, UK [broadcast]
  • 06/02/1984 Jane Manning (soprano), Yonty Solomon (piano)
    BBC Radio 3, London, UK [repeat broadcast]
  • 15/12/1986 Christine Cairns (soprano), Ronald Stevenson (piano) [iii]
    BBC Radio Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland [broadcast]
  • 24/02/1989 Jane Manning (soprano), Yonty Solomon (piano)
    NOS (Nederlandse Omroeprogramma Stichting), Hilversum, Netherlands [broadcast]
  • 09/08/1992 Ingrid Schmidhüsen (soprano), Thomas Palm (piano)
    Radio Bremen, Bremen, Germany [broadcast of recording]
    Hauptabteilung E-Musik, Redaktion Neue Musik