Cathedrals in Sound

Ronald Stevenson (piano)

Altarus Records: AIR-CD9043 (1992)

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Cd cover image Cathedrals in Sound

Duration: 67:41

Comments: Stevenson plays Sorabji’s Fantasiettina alongside works by other composers.

Track listing

  • Track 11: Fantasiettina sul nome illustre dell’egregio poeta Christopher Grieve ossia Hugh M’Diarmid (3:13)


  • “… we should be grateful for whatever a pianist of (Stevenson’s) powers can bestow upon us … a vocal phrasing … gratifying even in the intricacies of the unholy turbulence of Sorabji’s Fantasiettina, variety of touch … spellbinding authority which are more akin to performances from the so-called Golden Age than to today’s spate of music as note-perfect product … opulently clinging resonance …” (Fanfare)
  • “… the Sorabji is a beautiful, if sometimes violent, piece, and splendidly performed” (Musical Opinion)
  • “… a volcanic, tumultuous, cackling epigram, whose première recording … is (a) delight of this absorbing recital … one simply doesn’t hear playing like this every … decade …(its) recording captures Stevenson’s extraordinary dynamic range to perfection” (Tempo)