Opus Clavicembalisticum

Geoffrey Douglas Madge (piano)

BIS Records: BIS-CD-1062/1064 (5CDs) (1999)

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Web page for BIS Records BIS-CD-1062/1064 (5CDs)

Cd cover image Opus Clavicembalisticum

Duration: 234:23

Comments: Madge’s Chicago performance of Opus Clavicembalisticum, dating from 1983.

Track listing

  • Track 1-12: Opus Clavicembalisticum (234:23)
  • Track 1: I Introito (3:03)
  • Track 2: II Preludio-Corale (13:33)
  • Track 3: III Fuga I quator vocibus (12:06)
  • Track 4: IV Fantasia (5:35)
  • Track 5: V Fuga II duplex (15:30)
  • Track 6: VI Interludium primum (Thema cum XLIX variationibus) (44:44)
  • Track 7: VII Cadenza I (4:40)
  • Track 8: VIII Fuga tertia triplex (33:18)
  • Track 9: IX Interludium alterum (57:17)
  • Track 10: X Cadenza II (3:04)
  • Track 11: XI Fuga IV quadruplex (33:18)
  • Track 12: XII Coda-Stretta (7:30)


  • “Finally, Sorabji’s day seems to be dawning, and that magnificent incandescent volcanic plume, Opus Clavicembalisticum, a portal into the composer’s mature world, is now available in no fewer than three commercially recorded versions. Madge’s early LP recording is now difficult to obtain, but the Ogdon studio recording, Altarus AIR-CD-9075, is still available, and now they are joined by this, a recording of Madge’s 1988 live performance in Chicago, regarded by the performer as his best (and as he has stated his intention not to perform the work again, this may presumably also be regarded as his definitive statement on the work). The work teems with such invention, such limitless virtuosity of thought and execution that anyone with even a passing interest in Sorabji’s unique music will unquestionably want to add this to their growing library, where it will serve to whet the appetite to an intolerable degree, concerning the many as yet unheard major works still to come.” (Records International)