Piano Sonata No. 2

Tellef Johnson (piano)

Altarus Records: AIR-CD9049 (1999)

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Cd cover image Piano Sonata No. 2

Duration: 52:12

Track listing

  • Track 1: Piano Sonata No. 2 (50:53)


  • “Sorabji’s extraordinary, tumultuous, coruscating second piano sonata takes up where the first, thrillingly presented by Marc-André Hamelin on Altarus AIR-CD-9050, left off. If the first … was a magic carpet ride (as its performer memorably described it), the second, a darker, stormier work, is more like a magic carpet ride through a succession of tornadoes … unsettled and unsettling quality, as well as moments of exquisite lushness and sensuality … and outbreaks of almost unprecedented (for the time) pianistic vehemence. Live recording of first modern performance (and U.S. première), with negligible audience noise and studio quality sonics, played by a remarkable young composer-pianist hitherto unrepresented on CD who seems set to be a rising star both as performer and composer in the near future.” (Records International)