Le Jardin Parfumé

Yonty Solomon (piano)

Altarus Records: AIR-CD9037 (1993)

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Cd cover image Le Jardin Parfumé

Duration: 26:51

Track listing

  • Track 1: Le Jardin Parfumé (26:51)


  • “… caught in transparent sound …” (Fanfare)
  • “Ganz anders der im Pianissimo perlende und zerstiebende Jardin Parfumé, wofür Yonty Solomon, einer der besten Sorabji-Kenner, sich mit weichen Fingerkuppen und dynamische Delikatesse einsetzt” (Fono Forum)
  • “Yonty Solomon amply justifies … spacious tempos … the recorded sound on Altarus is also superior” (Gramophone)
  • “Solomon’s playing is of marvellous refinement, yet the point is the use to which it is put … (an) inward reading … the music’s sensuousness somehow turned in on itself, the effect quite hypnotic. This is the kind of playing that Sorabji’s music needs” (Musical Opinion)
  • “… considered tempi … Solomon’s Jardin is an extraordinary experience of super-subtle shading and refined gradations of expression, releasing us onto an imaginative plane where, as if in meditation before the teeming detail of some Persian miniature, each event may be savoured for its own sake in a timeless continuum of contemplation … of his Sorabji performances … this seems to me the best of all” (Tempo)
  • “… mysterious, sensuous … despite the meticulousness of Solomon’s performance, seems like an improvisation … unforced … natural musical emanation … the hypnotic effect of … sustained concentration of … the composing and the performance, the impression … of deep inner peace.” (The Wire)