A legend in his own time

Michael Habermann (piano)

Musical Heritage Society/MusicMasters: MHS4271L (LP), MHC6271M (Cassette), MM20015 (LP), MM60015 (CD) (November 1980)

Cd cover image A legend in his own time

Duration: 45:31

Track listing

  • Track 1: Opus Clavicembalisticum Introito and Preludio-Corale (13:15)
  • Track 2: Two Piano Pieces In the Hothouse (6:05)
  • Track 3: Two Piano Pieces Toccata (3:33)
  • Track 4: Fantaisie Espagnole (15:13)
  • Track 5: Fragment final version (2:47)
  • Track 6: Three Pastiches for piano Pastiche on the Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen (4:38)


  • “From the first notes, one is aware that one is in the presence of an extraordinary musical personality …” (Contemporary Keyboard)
  • “… of considerable interest … notes are informed and concise … an epoch-making release … the music … is wonderful … piano music as important as any from this century. … the great and greatly neglected Modern, Kaikhosru Sorabji” (Fanfare)
  • “… Habermann’s vivid performances … it is to be hoped that he, Solomon and … other pianists will introduce us to more of Sorabji’s mature works” (Gramophone)
  • “… this fabulous composer … (Habermann) has the equipment and the dedication …” (Journal of the American Liszt Society)
  • “… much to thank … Habermann for … one can peer in awe at the 70-year creative span … that still awaits discovery” (Market Square)
  • “pleasingly varied and absorbing … (Sorabji’s) total command of musical craft … Habermann’s performance fully up to its exacting demands” (Stereo Review)
  • “… would that all composers could find such capable and dedicated performers …” (Tempo)