Alistair Hinton: discography

This list details all commercial recordings of Alistair Hinton’s music; it is updated frequently. Enquiries about recordings made specifically for broadcast must be referred to the relevant broadcasting organisation. Availability information is not included; The Sorabji Archive is rarely advised of deletions so cannot guarantee availability of CDs for sale. However, Altarus Records rarely withdraws CDs from sale, once released. Non-deleted items are available from or via any classical record retailer. By special arrangement, The Sorabji Archive also supplies Altarus CDs of Alistair Hinton’s music direct. We will be pleased at all times to provide information on all forthcoming releases.

  • Cover image of Amato's recording AIR-CD-9021

    Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Grieg, op.16

    Donna Amato (piano)

    Recital of works by Grieg-Stevenson/Stevenson/Sorabji/Hinton) — Altarus AIR-CD-9021 (UK, 1993)

  • Cover image of Bowyer's recording AIR-CD-9063(2)

    Pansophiæ for John Ogdon, op.22

    Kevin Bowyer (organ)

    Special commemorative issue: “In Memoriam John Ogdon”; organ recital of works by Stevenson/Hinton/Busoni-Middelschulte [Kevin Bowyer], piano recital of works by Busoni, Stevenson and Ogdon [John Ogdon]) — Altarus AIR-CD-9063 (2CD set, USA, 1994)

  • Cover image of the recording AIR-CD-9066(3) of the String Quintet

    String Quintet, op.13

    Jagdish Mistry, Marcus Barcham-Stevens (violins), Levine Andrade (viola), Michael Stirling (’cello), Corrado Canonici (double bass), Sarah Leonard (soprano)

    Altarus AIR-CD-9066 (3CD set, USA, 2002)