The Sorabji Archive wishes to offer special thanks to:

  • Terry Hinton, Grace Keaton (1908–2000), George Ross (1929–1998), Chris Rice and Charles Hopkins (1952–2007), for ongoing valuable voluntary assistance of many kinds;
  • George Ross, for his Herculean achievement in preparing an index of Sorabji’s published literature;
  • Chris Rice, moving spirit behind Altarus, the record company which has to date contributed far more than any other in the furtherance of the Sorabji cause;
  • Ann Orchard, for librarianship and general assistance;
  • Erica Schulman, for constructing and arranging maintenance of the first Sorabji website;
  • Frazer Jarvis, Vasilios Tsokis, John Wagstaffe and Michael Grossi for constructing and arranging maintenance of the current Sorabji website;
  • Professors Paul Rapoport and Marc-André Roberge for their inestimably valuable pioneering work in endeavouring to encompass Sorabji within book covers;
  • Charles Hopkins, for providing splendid English translations of the original French texts of many of Sorabji’s songs;
  • All the editors of Sorabji’s music and literature.
  • Last but by no means least, all the dedicated performers of Sorabji’s works.